This Privacy Policy allows you to see how we, Msidast Joseph., uses and protect the personal data you have provided us with, or data that is generated by our cloud-based messaging service. Throughout the policy, “you” refers to you, and “we, us and our” to Msidast Joseph, your service provider.

1.1 Privacy Principles

We have 2 fundamental principles:

We will not show you adds according to the data you share with us
Only data required for Msidast Josephto function securely will be stored
Terms of Service

This Privacy Policy is part of our Terms and Services, available at Msidast Joseph. Please read this policy in conjunction with these terms.

1.3. Table of Contents

This Privacy Policy explains the following:

The legal basis for use and protection of your data
data we may collect from you
the way we ensure your data stays safe
possible uses for your data
Who we may share data with
Your rights
EEA Representative

As a resident of the EEA, services provided by Msidast Joseph are responsible for the collection and use of your data. As we are based outside the EEA, you will be represented by Msidast Joseph UK Holdings Ltd.

Legal Reasons for Processing of Data

Data may be processed in order to further out interest and to prevent and detect fraud

3. What Data is Used

3.1. Basic Account Data

As a communication service, you have provided us with your basic details and mobile number when you create your account. Some details such as your profile picture and username will always be public. You can however use an alias as your screen name.

3.2. Your E-mail Address

As a part of your 2 step verification, you may opt to set up a recovery email address. This will only be used for this purpose and not for marketing.

3.3. Your Messages

3.3.1. Cloud Chats

Our services are cloud based and we will store photos, documents and messages from your cloud chats on our server. This is so you can access this information at a later date. Storage is encrypted so intruders cannot gain access.

3.3.2. Secret Chats

A secret chat uses end to end encryption. In this case, no one else will be able to determine the content of your messages; you secret chats will also not be stored on our servers. Logs are not kept and secret chats are not available on the cloud.

3.3.3. Media Sent in Secret Chats

Your media will be encrypted before being uploaded. The key will not be known to the server, and only the person you send the media to can download the file with their secret chat key. This means that although these media are available on our servers, there are indecipherable to anyone but yourself and the recipient.

3.3.4. Public Chats

Our servers also support public chats and groups. All such chats are cloud-based and are encrypted. Anything that you post on a public chat are however is accessible to anyone who has a profile.

3.3.5. Phone Number and Your Contacts

We will always ask permission before syncing your chats. This process is however necessary for retaining your social graph.

We will notify you if one of your contacts signs up for Msidast Joseph; this works just by having access to your contacts name and numbers.

We also use algorithms for processes such as calculating average numbers of potential contacts someone who is not registered may have with us. You can stop syncing your contacts at any time.

For Android devices, we will ask permission to access call logs. When you grant permission, your account can be verified without you having to enter a code.

3.3.6. Cookies

Our use of cookies is solely for providing you with our services, and not for advertising or profiling. You should be able to control these cookies in your browser; if you disable cookies you will find you will not be able to log on to Msidast Joseph.

4. How We Your Personal Data Safe

4.1. Storing Data

Your data is stored in the Netherland s if you signed up from the EEA or the UK. Servers at these third party data centers are owned by us. Your personal data is not shared with these centers.

4.2. End-to-End Encrypted Data

Media and files are processed only on your device and that of your recipient. Our servers handle this end-to-end encryption, but we cannot decipher actual information.

4.3. Retention

Data will only be stored for as long as necessary unless otherwise stated

5. Processing Of Your Personal Data

5.1. Our Services

Our service is cloud-based. Our data and media are processed without the need for cloud storage or 3rd party backup.

5.2. Safety and Security

We police our communities against abuse and violation of terms and services. We have currently more than 200 million users, meaning we are a target for spammers. We therefore may collect metadata like your IP address and apps you used to improve the security of your account; such data will be kept for no longer than 12 months.

5.3. Spam and Abuse

Our moderators may check message to prevent spam and other abuse. Your account will be limited if our moderators confirm a spam report sent to us about your profile. Serious offenses may lead to you being banned.

5.4. Cross-Device Functionality

Metadata may be stored to create features that work across more than one of your devices.

5.5. Advanced features

We may build new features by looking at the way you use our services. For example, for us to be able to suggest who you should message in your search bar, we use some aggregated data. You can turn this feature off within your settings menu should you wish to.

5.6. No Ads

We never use your data for advertising purposes. We only store data to ensure we provide a function-rich service to our users.

6. Bot Messages

6.1. Ecosystem

Each time you talk to a bot we create, you’ll be sharing some of your information with the bot developers. We have an API that allows 3rd party developers to create these bots.

6.2. How These Bots Receive Your Data

Data will be sent to the developer in the following ways:

When you send a message
When you use an inline bot.
Group participation where a bot is present
When you press a button in a message sent by a bot.
When you pay for services via a bot

6.3. What will the Bot Receive?

Bots will receive you username, profile picture, screen name, and public info. If you interact with them, they will get messages you send. If you click on links, it’s possible they will receive your IP address. Inline messaging means that your messages will be sent to bots as queries; you will be warned prior to using this service for the first time. If a bot has access to messages within a group, it can see everything that goes in within the group.

6.4. Bots Are Not Maintained by Msidast Joseph

No bots other than our own are affiliated with Msidast Joseph. They are independent and should ask your permission before accessing your data.

7. Third Party Payment Services

7.1. Payment Information

We do not process payments ourselves; for this we rely on different payment providers around the world. Neither ourselves nor bot development have access to your credit card details. Study their relevant policies for more info.

7.2. Credit Card Information

When you pay by credit card, your card information will never reach our servers. We have no access to your CCDs, even if you save your details for future purchases. This information will be saved with the payment provider only.

7.3 Shipping Information

Information for shipping is sent to the merchant bot developer. The option is available to store your details for future purchases.

7.4. Clearing Payment Information

You can clear all info stored by us at any time by selecting “clear payment and shipping info” under your privacy drop down menu.

7.5. Disputes About Payment

We cannot handle your disputes as we do not store any of your CCDs. We also cannot offer refunds. Disputes are the responsibility of the payment providers and the bot developers.

8. Who Your Data on Msidast Joseph May Be Shared With

8.1. Other Users of Msidast Joseph

Your data may be shared with other users of our services whom you communicate with. When you enter our terms and conditions, you instruct us to transfer data on your behalf and in accordance with our privacy policy.

8.2. Msidast Joseph’s Group Companies

Our information may be shared with our parent company located in the British Virgin Islands, or with Msidast Joseph FZ-LLC in Dubai. This sharing of data is meant strictly for the improving of our services. For more information contact us details found in section 12.

8.3. Law Enforcement Authorities

If we have a tip off of terrorist activities, we may disclose your phone number and IP address. To date, this has never happened.

9. Your Rights Regarding Personal Data You Have Provided Us With

9.1. Your Rights

Under certain circumstances, you have rights concerning your data. You may request a copy of data we have stored as well as requesting for deletion, restriction, or amending of such data. You may also lodge a complaint if need be with the national data protection authorities.

9.2. Exercising Your Rights

Contact us if you wish to exercises any of the above rights here.

9.3. Data Settings

You can control use of your data on our mobile apps when you enter your privacy and security setting. If you are unhappy with our services, we suggest you proceed to our deactivation page.

10. Deleting Private Data

10.1. Accounts

Account deletion is available via the deactivation link found in section 9. All media and contacts will be removed on completion of deletion, a process that cannot be undone.

10.2. Messages

When you delete a secret chat, it is deleted always from both ends
In cloud chats, you have 48 hours to delete messages for all participants. After 48 hours, a copy will always stay on the server as part of their messages, until they also delete it.
As of version 5.5, any of the two or more parties can delete all messages in one-on-one chats, both received and sent, without a time limit. You can also opt to clear your entire chat history.
In supergroups and channels, deletion means that it will be removed for everyone. These methods are stored for 48 hours after deletion.

10.3. Self-Destructing Messages

You can also order the self-destruction of secret chats. Once the message is read, a countdown timer starts, and upon its expiration, the messages and all media content will disappear.

10.4. Account Self-Destruction

If your account remains inactive for 6 months, it will be deleted along with all its content, messages, and media. You can change the self-destruct time period under your account settings.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time we will update this privacy policy. Changes come into effect once posted to Msidast Joseph

March 25, 2019

Expanded [10.2. Deleting Messages] with data for version 5.5, allowing both participants to remove messages from one-on-one chats, without a time limit.

Important changes made to our Privacy Policy will be sent to you, notifications being received via Msidast Joseph.

12. Questions and concerns

Contact us at @GDPRbot for your concerns and questions surrounding our privacy policies. We will answer you as soon as we can; please use the contact command to leave a request.

Msidast Joseph is an open source project. You can examine more information on our API, Bot Platform, Protocol, and Source code by visiting the following links: